Rescue The Poor Feral Cat With A Rope Around Its Neck!

A young man named Timofey Yuryev was driving along a road in Yonkers, New York when he noticed an animal slowly crawling along a busy highway. As soon as the guy realized that there was a kitten in front of him, he immediately decided to stop and help it.

It was sitting right at the bus stop and there were a lot of people around him. But no one noticed the kitten, and if Timofey hadn’t intervened, the baby might have been hit by a car. As the young man got closer to the pet, he saw some kind of lace wrapped around the cat’s thin neck.



Timothy was indignant when he realized that someone had purposely tied a rope around the kitten’s neck rendering it helpless. He began to carefully untie the leash around the cat’s neck, and the cat was scared, not even daring to look Timofey in the eye. When the guy released the kitten, it started meowing. Turns out, the cat couldn’t do this before, because its neck was tied with a rope.



The released kitten didn’t try to run away from Timofey, and when he got into the car, he hid under the seat. Timofey contacted the animal rescue team to help the cat. It’s about 2.5 months old, and despite everything, it doesn’t feel bad, although it’s very thin and has a few scratches on its body.

After a while, the cat got used to his new friends. The fear begins to subside, and it enjoys playing and cuddling with people. Soon after, a girl named Lisa Salvadorini found out about the kitten. She immediately realized that this adorable cat should become a member of her family!



That same day, Lisa went to the animal shelter for the pet, she took it home. The pet is nicknamed Lace. Lisa’s children were delighted to meet the kitten! Tears of happiness welled up in their eyes. Now, Lace lives in a new home, and in the end, it has learned what human love and care are. May his future life be the best it can be!

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