Rescue The Poor Kitten Whose Body Is Covered In Mud!

Last Thursday, Ryoma Weinberg of the Animal Friends Project, a private cat rescue society in West Palm Beach, Florida, went to a trailer park. The woman learned that stray cats had been seen there and decided to check the situation.

When she arrived there and began to question the locals, someone pointed out to her a tiny kitten that was crawling around the trailers. Ryoma was horrified when she saw this baby.

The kitten was very small and was wet and covered in mud from head to toe. And when the woman took it in her hands, she found that it also had a huge amount of fleas.



People walked back and forth past the suffering kitten, who could barely walk, but no one stopped and helped him. Ryoma was not going to recruit cats that day, but she could not leave the cub in trouble, she immediately carried him to her car.

“It was great luck for the little boy that I came to the trailer park that day”. It was quite cold when the residents showed it to me. While I was driving him, I tried to warm him as best as possible.

In addition to dirt, the kitten suffered from an infection, his eyes were watery and covered with a dried crust. Ryoma immediately bathed him with flea remedy and washed the kitten’s eyes.

She named the kitten Leo. “Now he is fine, dry, clean, free of fleas, and with a tummy full of food.”



To make Lyme sleep more pleasant, Ryoma put a soft toy in his “nest”. When the kitten had eaten and warmed up, he began to purr when he was stroked.

In just one day, the kitten’s condition improved dramatically. His eyes cleared up and he had an excellent appetite, which is a sign of the absence of serious illnesses.



During the day, he eνen gained a little weight. Now Ryoma is hopeful. that everything will be fine with him in the future and that he will successfully grow into a beautiful cat.

Meanwhile, adult stray cats have been found in the trailer park, and now Ryoma and her friends are trying to catch them. The baby has not yet been taken home by new owners, but she thinks that this will happen νery soon!

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