Rescued Kitten Screaming For Help Because There’s Something In His Eyes

The kitten is hanging around next to his mother but there is something very strange in his eyes for some reason, his eyes are so heavy, let’s go find out right away.

The owner of the house was also the one who called the rescue team to say that the mother cat was originally feral, and she gave birth to a litter of kittens out of nowhere.



Including a very special boy, the team prepared a plate of food while the other cats started eating but the poor kitten just walked around, then the kitten started to lose its way.
Constantly bumping into the branches and leaves around his tail is also not normal, but more serious is the eyes that seem like he can’t see anything and there is pus covering both eyes.



The cat weakly called out to his mother to help him hear the mother’s voice, but the cat could not find out where his mother was. Feeling annoyed, the poor cat tried to remove the heavy scab above his eyes but to no avail. The cat groped and staggered around looking for its mother.
The owner thought the cat wanted to come close to help but couldn’t, the mother cat was extremely wary of me, so I was afraid that if I tried to help the mother cat, she would take her baby elsewhere.



But the situation of the kittens made the team unable to wait any longer, the veterinarians were called, and the mother cat was very alert and always on high alert, just someone approaching would immediately growl threateningly.
Doctors have to use special scents and flower cushions here as a kind of sedative that will help the mother cat calm down and gradually forget her excessive anxiety about the kittens.



That attractive scent attracted the mother cat, making her steps involuntarily come closer, the doctor rescued the kitten and brought it out. After examining, the doctor concluded that since birth, the kitten has never opened its eyes because of the infection, so it has caused blindness since then, causing the scabs on the eyes to become thicker and thicker.The doctor was very careful to pick up each layer of skin, just looking at the cat felt very painful, its cornea was seriously damaged, and just first aid like this is not enough, the doctors decided to bring the kitten. about the hospital. If it’s too severe, it will most likely require surgery



The doctors removed the pus and scabs in the eye for a closer examination, and the corneas of the eyes have all been degenerated to opaque, Doctor decided to regenerate the cornea for the kitten, he has the ability great potential is okay can be cured. Infected kittens are diagnosed by the doctor as a virus transmitted from the mother cat because the cat is confused about the many different risks of containing many different viruses.
The owner and his team went to the hospital where the kitten was being treated, when the kitten gradually regained his eyes, he was treated very well, with two tears that made everyone extremely happy. The doctor said that the kitten’s condition is improving, the eyeballs are also slowly returning and his eyes have started to respond to light, with this health condition he can return and the house saw the mother cat.



The mother cat slowly approached to meet each other, the two were extremely happy and did not leave when the owner brought the food out. The mother cat just lay still and watched for the baby to eat deliciously.
Just looking at it is warm enough for a story between these two pitiful cats. Wish the baby get well soon to explore the world together.

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