Rescuing A Cat That Was Run Over By A Car, It Was In Pain And Couldn’t Get Up!

Imagine a gigantic, compared to the size of a cat, car that moves at great speed, and a driver who cannot always notice the animal crossing the road.

Hermes simply did not notice the car in time – and received a severe blow, which only miraculously did not become fatal. Fortunately for Hermes, he was immediately picked up by caring people and promptly brought to “Mushka”.



Already in the veterinary clinic, it turned out that as a result of an accident, Hermes received a compound fracture of the pelvis with a displacement, and veterinarians collected him bone by bone.

Even the photographs of those times make you feel uncomfortable … However, for experienced employees of the adoption center, there are neither hopeless nor too complicated cases.



We always fight to the end, even when it seems that everything is in vain, even when we want to give up and give up. So, with Hermes, we continued treatment and care until the health of the cat returned to normal. In other words, physical health. But what was going on in Hermes’ soul after the trauma?



Even we, people, are well aware of how scary and unbearable it is sometimes to live after a nightmare. So, what can we say about a cat that did not even realize what happened to him, and did not understand that the driver of the car was not going to offend him at all?

After the treatment, it became clear that Hermes is a very shy, vulnerable cat who does not want to make contact with a person.



When we published an ad looking for a host for Hermes, we feared that finding someone patient and kind enough would not be easy. But we were wrong.

The owner of Hermes was found much faster than we thought. A Petersburger drew attention to the photo of the cat, fell in love at first sight, and went to Moscow to pick up his new pet as soon as possible.



It was difficult for us to predict how quickly Hermes would adapt to the new environment, but one rule was confirmed almost immediately: shy cats socialize much better in the presence of relatives in the house.



This is exactly what happened to Hermes: if at first, he fearfully hid from the new owners, then on the third day after meeting with another cat, Hermes began to slowly explore new territory.

And after a while, he did feel like a master in the house. Just look how he playfully winks at us from the photo! Now Hermes has a completely different look – peaceful … and very feline.

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