Retired Nurse Started Hospice To Help Dumped Dogs Get A Shelter

Nicola Coyle has always taken care of dogs, but after her retirement as a nurse, she is able to put all her energy into catering to the needs of abandoned people in the last days of their lives. She founded Gray Muzzle Canine Hospice in Mansfield, England to bathe these love dogs

Nicola can’t bear to think that dogs are spending their last days in a shelter without the love they deserve, so she welcomes them. Any dog suspected of having six months or less to live or any dog on the euthanasia list is a candidate.


She creates a bucket list for every dog she welcomes to her home, and that always includes a steak dinner at the local pub and a trip to the seaside! Nicola now takes care of two or three dogs simultaneously and takes care of the others. No matter how much time these dogs have left, Nikola is ready to make the most of it!


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