Returning From Work, The Cat’s Owner Panicked When He Discovered The Cat Lying Motionless On The Floor…!

The owner of this cat went into his kitchen and found something horrible on the floor. To the man, it seemed as if the cat was writhing in pain in a pool of blood, its tracks visible on every surface!

“It felt like a scene from a horror movie was playing in the room, my heart skipped a beat and then started pounding.”

But everything turned out not to be so scary. In fact, the cat is not the problem at all. It just took its own red paprika and scratched it open, strewn all over the floor and its body started to get covered in that red spice.



Perhaps because he loved this cat so much, its owner had a panic attack of “myocardial infarction”. Everything that happened after that was the cleaning job of the naughty cat owner. To experts, the word “sphinx” means a hairless breed of cat.

Some breeds are generally recognized as “sphinxes” and some have semi-official status. Hopefully after the above incident, the cat owner will carefully store the spice jar at a higher place and close it, to avoid the naughty cats messing around again!

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