Returning Home After Driving Her Son To School, The Girl Discovers Something Terrible!

The day started off like a normal Friday for Casey Sheridan. She takes her son to school and back home. As she parked her car, she noticed something large lying in front of her door. Stepping closer, Casey realized it was a travel suitcase with a note on the side.

The woman took it out and read: “Help us. Call the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or the Cat Welfare Foundation. They refused to help me. That’s the only way to match them. Sorry, you are the chosen one.” Casey unhesitatingly opened the suitcase, squealing and six kittens crawling out.



The woman did not call emergency services. She called her mother, an experienced cat breeder, and they decided to meet at the veterinary hospital. Doctors examined the kittens and said there were no severe problems. For now, Casey’s mother will take care of the children, and when they grow up, they will find a new home.

Luckily, only three kittens will have to find a family, as Casey, her mother, and her grandmother will adopt the remaining 3 cats. Animal camps are often overcrowded and may refuse to accept animals, but leaving them on the street, and even locking them in suitcases, is definitely not a good option for them!

The good thing is that Casey met the cats promptly and quickly. What if she stays all day somewhere and doesn’t come home? It’s terrible to imagine what will happen to these kittens, they could be left to die! “I don’t like what someone did to the kittens. But when I look at them, my heart melts and I forget everything,” Casey said.

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