Sad Story: A Weak Cat Sitting In The Middle Of The Street Tries To Wake Up His Friend, But Does Not Know That The Friend Is Deɑd!

Despite the vehicles moving on the dangerous road, the cat still tried to shake his friend lying there weakly, but the cat still did not know that his friend had an accident and was gone forever.



Although it is still defaulted to be a cocky, disloyal animal, there are always stories that move people about the emotional attachments of cats.

Recently, an image recorded a scene of a cat trying to call a friend who was hit by a car

did not survive on his way up, making many people feel pity.



In the words of the person who took the photo: “It’s really sad! A cat was hit by a car in the middle of the road, the other cat kept pulling it so that it wasn’t afraid that it would also get stuck, but went down to catch it to the side of the road, it crawled out again.”



Immediately after sharing, the image made many people feel sad, and quickly received it

received a lot of comments from netizens:

“I’m so sorry!”

“It’s so sad to see these scenes!”

“I love you so much! You carry the dead cat to the side of the road and the other one crawls over, otherwise, it’s okay, It’s in the middle of the road.”

“I love you so much, why are you so careless?”

“I’m sorry! I hate anyone who harms cats”

“Hope my next life is better than mine! I love you”

“Oh. I’m so sorry for her. I met the baby to take care of her”.

Usually, cats living near the highway will be very prone to accidents because of crossing the street at night, so for everyone who has cats, please note that you should try to keep your cats indoors to avoid going out too much. Limit things like the above from happening to your roof!

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