Shining Turquoise Plumage Contrasts Well With Jet Black Spangles And A Glistening Jewel Like Purple Throat!

The male’s bright turquoise blue plumage is stunning in good light, contrasting with the extensive black “spangling” on the wings and a jewel-like purple throat.


The Spangled Cotinga is quite a widespread South American, Amazon forest loving bird. Having a range that spreads all the way from the base of the Andes to the Guyanas. A member of the Cotinga family, it likes to frequent the terra firme forest.

The male of the species has bright turquoise-blue plumage with the large deep plum wine-red throat with black to the wings, tail, and back.

The female tends to be more of a dull, brown, gray color with darker wings and faint pearl shaped mottling on her belly.

Found throughout the Amazon Basin the range of this species extends from Colombia east of the Andes to southern and eastern Venezuela, on through Guyana, Suriname, and French Guyana.

Like other members of the Cotinga genus, they have no song and are frugivorous. However, they have been recorded feeding on insects.

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