So Sad Because She Lost Her Kittens, The Mother Cat Wants To Take Care Of The Puppies Like Her Own

The image of a mother cat licking and cuddling her cubs like a “born child” made netizens emotional. “I’m so sorry for you guys. Lucky you still have a dog, otherwise, you won’t miss it” is emotional comment in this loving scene.

Recently, on social networks, the image of a yellow cat hugging puppies, this cat even breastfeeds them as he cares for his children. According to the owner of the photo, this cat once gave birth to 5 kittens, but unfortunately, they did not live.



When these kittens are buried, the mother cat can’t find her kittens, so she often wanders around the house every day looking for the kittens. Fortunately, the house also has a flock of newborn pug puppies, so the mother cat takes advantage of the time when the mother dog runs up to the terrace to bask in the sun, then quickly jumps into the cage to cuddle, lick and breastfeed the puppies.

Although the mother cat has run out of milk so far, this cat still hugs and takes care of the puppies like her own children.



The photo of a cat with small dogs caused a fever in the online community.

“My cat was born prematurely and lost all of them. My father buried her, and she couldn’t see her baby, so every day he wanders around the house looking for children. Right this time, my house also has the pug puppies just gave birth, so the cat just took advantage of the mother dog’s time to run up to the terrace to bask in the sun jumped into the cage to hug and lick and breastfeed the puppies, looking both strange and loving.



These photos received a lot of attention from the online community, and in the majority of comments, they all sympathized with the loss of the mother cat and expressed their love at sight of this.

Friend D.D confided “When it comes to cats, I remember that my younger brother loved cats so much, he brought three the kitten went out to play and then put it in the rice cooker, covered the lid, ran out, and forgot, finally three cats pushed to death. At night, the mother cat keeps meowing all night looking for her baby like she’s about to cry now, it’s still scary to think about.”

V.A is also very fond of her cat: “I love you very much. But I have to admit that you are also cute”.

“My cat too, ran around the house, screaming for me, so I kept it and said it was my baby lost, from here on I can’t find it anymore “– friend N.A shared

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