The 100 Greatest Dog Photos of All Time

Dogs are man’s best friend. They make your life brighter and happier with all their silly and innocent activities. They do not get angry at you, they are smart, playful and full of love. You scold them and after two minutes they would make a puppy face and your heart will meltdown.

If you have dogs at home, you know that your world revolves around them. If you don’t see their face with a big smile and greeting you in the morning, your day is incomplete.

We adore dogs and have gathered the greatest dogs images to share with you. We love these furballs and can’t agree more that without them our world is complete.

Scroll down and check out these amazing pooches.

30. Long time, no see!

29. The champion

28. The cowboy

27. Now you may kiss the groom…

26. Dance like nobody’s watching!

25. The Batman look

24. ‘No way, are you serious?’

23. ‘It’s my favorite childhood toy!’

22. Confident

21. ‘I never believed in gravity!’

20. The office manager

19. I’m Sexy and I Know It

18. ‘I missed my station!’

17. The guardians

16. Me on Saturdays

15. ‘People say we look alike, but I don’t see it.’

14. Mission Impossible

13. The gardener

12. Today I’m your chef

11. The bullet

10. Botox is not an option!

9. Relax!

8. The kitty pose

7. ‘Cars are my only passion’

6. Pegasus

5.The developer

4. ‘Never ditch your friends!’

3. ‘You don’t say!’

2. Make your bets, gentlemen!

1. I win!


Bonus: Don’t you recognize me?


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