The Boy Saw The Frozen Box Outside, Panicked When He Heard The Noise Inside!

Nikita, nine years old, returned from a walk and started calling her grandmother. When the old woman went out into the hallway, she saw a large box on the floor, from which strange sounds were coming. On weekends, Galina Nikolaevna always brings her eldest grandson Nikita to her place.

The boy enjoyed walking in his grandmother’s yard, especially in winter, when he could skate on a small pond. On Saturday, the boy went for a walk as usual, but this time the walk took an unexpected turn … Galina Nikolaevna was even a little scared when she heard her grandson’s loud cry.



The boy ran in and placed a large cardboard box on the floor. The boy was very excited and asked his grandmother to open it as soon as possible. Galina Nikolaevna listened to Nikita and gently opened the box, from which she heard unusual sounds coming from the box.



Grandma couldn’t help but be surprised to see four kittens in the box. The cats opened their eyes and meowed weakly, trying to get out of the box. The woman couldn’t believe someone could abandon such adorable cats in the frost – they shivered from the cold and shrunk their frozen paws.

Of course, she is proud of her grandson who saved defenseless little kittens and decided to help them. Galina Nikolaevna took care of the babies, and Nikita began to search for a new owner on the Internet. Hope they find a new home for them soon!

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