The Cat Almost Lost His Life Because He Fell Into The Drain, But Luck Smiled At The Cat!!

The moment the girl risked her life to go down the black sewer to rescue the trapped cat made many people emotional because her small act proved that she has a great love for animals

Social networks spread a photo of a young girl diving into a sewer to save a cat, although many passers-by advised against it, the girl was still determined to save the cat. “I feel sorry! On the way, a small and kind girl, when crossing the street, saw a poor cat stuck in the sewer screaming very poor, she was wearing a skirt and the sewer was very dark, The strong smell still managed to come down to the place to rescue the cat successfully…”



According to the shared photo, the inside of this sewer has a very strong and deep smell. Except for the cleaning staff who have to work, no one dares to step down here because it is too dangerous. The girl ignored everyone’s advice and went down on her own to find the cat. The drain is quite deep and long inside, maybe this cat was stuck there for a long time so he lost in there for days



Many netizens, after watching the incident, thanked the girl a lot for defying to save such a cat, that girl is an angel.

“This is compassion, saving animals will repay you, little girl.”

“And since then she has become the real owner”

“Also an animal lover, I support this wonderful act of this female friend. She is young but already has such a heart, thank you”



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