The Cat Couldn’t Eat Or Drink Anymore, But When He Saw The Girl, He Tried His Best To Do This!

One day, a girl named Natalya read a story about a cat on an animal forum. The woman, who had the animal under overexposure, asked to be taken to the clinic because she could not do it herself. Natalya offered her help. The animal was in a carrier. When the girl looked there, she almost burst into tears at how the cat looked. She was in a terrible state.

Her weight was a little over a kilogram. The cat was frostbitten and severely malnourished. Looking at Natalya with exhausted eyes, the unfortunate woman purred with all her might. She probably thanked her for her help. In the veterinary clinic, Natalya left the cat to spend the night. But she had an idea to take the animal to her home.



After several weeks of the persistent struggle for the health of the mustachioed, she fully recovered. Natalya took Marusya (as she called the cat) to her house. The animal sincerely fell in love with its savior. Marusya fell asleep next to her and ran to meet Natalya when she came home from work in the evening. Nine years have passed since Natalya took Marusya to her.



For such a long time, the girl and the cat experienced a lot of good and a lot of bad. There were changes in residence, and work. Despite the cat’s advanced age, Natalya still pampers her. “After all, she is my family,” Natalya says, stroking Marusya, who is comfortably nestled in her arms and purrs with pleasure.

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