The Cat Has A Very Rare Disease… It Needs Help Immediately!

This kitten was only 5 months old when he was picked up – but it was extremely difficult to determine from him. Due to sagging skin and developmental features, it seemed that this was an elderly cat. This 5-month-old kitten was picked up on the street in Salem, USA.

From his appearance, it was hard to tell that he was only 5 months old – because of the sagging skin, it seemed that he was an elderly cat. However, this cat was special. He was brought to the Odd Cat Sanctuary.



Despite all the difficulties, he was very glad to see people and immensely grateful. The cat, nicknamed Bop, purred loudly at the sight of people and settled in the hands of a volunteer. It turned out that Bop’s feature is innate.



He was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic condition characterized by collagen deficiency and affecting skin elasticity. Otherwise, Bop can live like an ordinary cat – but he needs special care.

Now the shelter team is sensitively taking care of the baby. He has already been sent to overexposure, where he is looked after and helped to cope with the features. Bop is a very sweet, kind and grateful creature.



A little later, when he recovers a little more, permanent owners will be found for him. Employees will be looking for people who are ready to love this special baby with all their hearts.

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