The Cat Is Trying To Wake Up The Killed Kittens. This Photo Makes People Unable To Ignore!

No one remembers how and when this tricolour cat appeared in our yard. It was well-groomed and clean. Our grandmothers immediately began to feed her. The cat settled in the closet of our janitor woman Valya. During the day she lay on a bench in the yard and basked in the sun, at night she went hunting, catching mice in garages.

One day the cat disappeared. She disappeared as suddenly as she appeared. And only a month later a cat came out of the basement with two fluffy kittens. It was summer outside, and Baba Valya put a box in the front garden for the cat and her kittens. Random set down a bowl of water and a bowl of food.



But unfortunately, some people began to swear that kittens were nothing but dirt. Mice and cockroaches start from the feed, and the cat with the offspring must be removed from the yard. Baba Valya explained that as the kittens grow up, they will be attached, but the cat has always lived here.



But the evil people did not want to wait, and one day, while the cat was hunting, someone cut the kittens’ necks. The cat’s meow was just terrible when she came back from hunting and saw her kittens dead on the pavement near the box. She tried to take them by the scruff of the neck and drag them into the box.


She rushed from one kitten to another, licked them, cried, and meowed. Everyone who saw the cat’s torment wept. Baba Valya took the kittens from the cat. And buried them. The cat stood next to me and meowed plaintively. Whoever did this will get what he deserves sooner or later. Cat abusers have never gone unpunished.

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