The Cat Lies Against The Wall And Can’t Move, People Think It’s Aggressive But It Needs Help!

The old cat has been through a lot. This was clear from the way he was desperately and timidly hiding behind the wall. People noticed that he did not leave the same place for several days. New Yorkers spotted this elderly cat in an alley. Frightened, nervous cat huddled against the wall and shunned everyone around.

They were afraid to approach him because they were afraid that he was aggressive. However, noticing that the cat had been sitting in one place for several days, some residents contacted the shelter. Employees of the Puppy Kitty NYCity shelter arrived at the place and immediately found a cat there.

He was afraid at first, but when the volunteer extended her hand to stroke him, he meowed long and modestly. Then he tried to hiss, but it quickly turned into a purr. After that, the cat even reached out to ask for more petting. When the volunteer moved the cat into the car, she immediately noticed what condition he was in.

He had many tangles, and his coat was covered with dust and dirt. But the cat was very grateful, although it mewed loudly during the car ride. A volunteer named Megan took him in for recovery. The cat was named Capone. They cut off all the tangles from him, fed him, combed his hair, and bathed him.


Fear in his eyes was replaced by trust in a day – he stopped being “indignant” and became much calmer. In the following days, Capone relaxed as much as possible, realizing that no one would leave him or offend him there.



He turned out to be an extremely affectionate gentleman – and did not miss the opportunity to ask for affection. So, time passed, and after a couple of weeks, a family was found for Capone. He has permanent owners who love him with all their hearts, and he answers them the same. Now, two months later, the cat is happy and infinitely glad to give his love to caring owners. Thanks for the rescue!

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