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The cat looks drawn, but it is real and loves toilet paper.

At the first glance at Cat (Cat), it seems that someone was very interested in the idea of ​​chimerizing cats and decided to draw their own version. Well, there is no such clear division in nature! More precisely, as it happens, it’s just a huge rarity and almost all carriers of the effect are countless. Well, now the list has been replenished by the Cat, she is Kat.

Kat lives in Thailand and is quite young, less than two years old. The owner says that initially she did not know about the uniqueness of the pet. More precisely, I confused it with another factor. In her words, Kat’s parents are mixed, she is half Scottish and half Persian. So the unusual appearance is supposedly a mixture of two breeds, but this is not the case.

Strictly speaking, it is a good idea to carry out a genetic analysis before claiming anything. But even so it is clear that there is one more chimera in the world. This happens when cells of two different individuals appear in one organism, for example, when one embryo is partially absorbed by another. Usually this leads to numerous problems and early death, but if you are lucky, a chimera appears – a creature with different DNA, different parts of the body! Kat’s secret has been revealed!

In addition to her unusual appearance, Kat has a passion for hunting cockroaches and toilet paper. But if cockroaches are still understandable, then toilet paper becomes the subject of quarrels. Kat doesn’t know what to do, don’t drink her valerian with mint, but let me gut a roll or two! You have to hide the paper behind seven locks, otherwise all stocks can be destroyed in a day. The hostess writes in all seriousness that there is no need for likes under the photo, just send toilet paper if you so want to please the cat