The Cat Stuck In The Wall For 5 Days And No One Noticed… Here’s The Rescue Process!

This story takes place on a small island. In a beach pub “Kurion”, a kitten is trapped in a pipe. They called the police and firefighters – and the kitten was eventually rescued. Since we couldn’t save it easily, we had to break down the wall of the restaurant.

The owner of the establishment was not happy with the restaurant wall being broken without asking him, he was outraged, but in the end, he said, “Will you take this cat? Rescuers said the poor cat had been in the pipeline for five to six days. Its hind legs have shrunk from not moving.



A kind woman willing to take her cat to the vet clinic, and then home. The story is that the kitten is stuck, its head can’t get through the hole in the wall, it’s weak and it’s very hungry. The poor cat cannot be dragged out in the usual way. They gave the cat water to drink and called the rescue team from the Fire Department.

With the help of special equipment, they were able to rescue the trapped kitten. It took them about an hour to get it out, and the firefighters tried to pull it out and try not to hurt the kitten. The cat was successfully rescued and fed! The cat was picked up and adopted by a woman and now it has a home and is always loved and cared for.

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