The Cat Was Abandoned By His Girlfriend Because He Lost An Eye, The Owner Quickly Installed A Fake Eye To Make It More Confident And Dated Another Cat

Since the image of the cat with one eye missing, was shared on social media, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of likes and comments.

A user named Stuart Green has posted some funny and pitiful images of himself on social media. Immediately after posting, the cat received a lot of encouragement and love from fans



The content of Stuart’s share is as follows: “This is a picture of a cat with a plastic eye that the owner attached to replace its lost eye, and this makes him a lot more confident, it went on a date again”.



Immediately after a netizen commented asking about the cat’s health, Stuart just laughed and replied: “Don’t worry, he’s fine and going on a date.”



People left a lot of comments after seeing the story:

“Love and admire this cat’s energy”

“God won’t take everything from us”

“Hope this cat will receive true love”

“One day this cat will get his real eyes back, very soon and the best will come to us.”

Stuart Green is very grateful to the online community for caring and sharing his story, he will continue to take care of the cat and hope the cat always lives happily so that he can still go on a date.

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