The Cat Was Almost Completely Blind And Sick! He’s Crying For Help, The Rescuer Is This Poor Cat’s Last Hope!

A weak cat with sore eyes could barely stand on its paws and didn’t see anything, but because of the intense heat, it snuck into someone else’s yard to drink water and cool off.

She found a large water container outside and decided to freshen up right there. This homeless cat was seen in one of the courtyards of Animal Aid Rescue Center.



She went into the yard and approached a bowl of water that stood outside. It was hot, and apparently, the cat wanted to cool off.

Residents immediately noticed that she had problems with her eyes, and she did not look well. They immediately contacted the rescue center so that specialists could help her.




Volunteers from the Animal Aid Rescue Center arrived in the yard. Seeing the state of the cat, they immediately took her for examination.

But despite how weak and hungry she was, the cat was very kind to people – she trusted them as if knowing that she would be helped. The kitty was named Bubble, and her recovery began.



When she was taken to the foster home, she was so grateful to have a roof over her head and the caring people around her. In addition to an eye infection, she was treated for stomach problems – but Bubble tolerated all the necessary procedures perfectly. At first, Bubble could not even eat normally by herself – she was fed with a syringe.

Only after a small recovery, she began to eat on her own, which was already a significant achievement. Then she gradually became stronger, and at the same time, she asked for more affection and attention. She turned out to be a very sweet and charming lady.

According to the shelter staff, there are many stray cats in Rescue Center – and rescue organizations are trying to help in any way they can. Now Bubble is in overexposure, but after a while, she, along with other rescued cats, will be sent to the United States to a partner shelter, where they will find owners for her. Be happy, beauty!

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