The comedy photography competition has announced its finalists. And they proved that animals can have fun too

The Best Comedy Wildlife Photography competition is a serious and funny competition at the same time. Serious because it draws attention to poaching and the extinction of wild animals. Funny – because the very name of the competition obliges the pictures to be funny. The finalists of this year did not disappoint and showed the audience that the animals also know how to have fun. And how!

1. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Elk”

2. “Blow off the penguin!”

3. “My head hurts”

4. “This is Sparta”

5. “Ha ha!”

6. “Grizzly Bear with a Headache”

7. “Peacock Horn 4”

8. “Delighted Lemur”

9. “Twine”

10. “Californian tern chick”

11. “Bear Yogi”

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