The Couple Adopted Poor Feral Cats And This Is What Happens!

A couple from the US has a cat in their house. And then they want to buy a second cat. Where can you find a good cat? They know about an animal shelter. We got there. This establishment is run by Emily Sullivan. Everyone is shown three kittens.
They were delivered from the suburbs the day before. The kittens turned out to be orphans: their mother died under the wheels of a car. The kittens at the animal shelter have been named. The cute boy is called “Artemis”, and the cat boy is black – “Hercules”. The third cat is called “Apollo”.



As soon as Emily and her husband entered the room, the two cats were naughty, and the brother happily played with the other cats. The guests immediately liked the multicolored cat. And the cat also felt the warmth from the couple, so she was not afraid, she climbed on their knees.

The couple’s decision arose on its own: we take Artemis! The manager brought a carrier bag into the room and placed it next to the kittens in the cage.



Then she put a small tablecloth inside. And she caught Artemis, the cat that was on the run. But you must put the cat in the bag before going a long distance. It should be noted that the clock hit 22.00 o’clock, very dark. Finally, the cat was placed on the stand. The manager bids the visitors goodbye. On the way home, the couple who brought home the cute kitten was having a good time.



Sitting in the car, they heard the cat meow. They texted Emily about this. But in the apartment, they saw the black Hercules. And their newly bought cat was sprawled beside her brother and purring, it didn’t seem like they could be friends right now. Of course, the cat climbed into the storage box unnoticed while everyone was catching its sister.



And in the darkness of the night, they did not see Hercules with his black fur. The couple also informed their manager about this. They think it is hiding somewhere because it is not used to its new environment. In the meantime, he will spend the night with Artemis.
However, in the morning everything changed. The cat climbed onto the crate by itself, making my wife and I fall in love. They reported it over the phone to manager Emily. Apollo returned unscathed. Two weeks later, he was adopted by another family.



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