The couple spent all their money to build a paradise for their beloved rabbits.

Emma Hartshoorn and Wayne Kenward from Stratford-upon-Avon have completely transformed their suburban area for the sake of 30 furry pets, turning it into the best place to live for the big-eared fraternity. Thousands of pounds spent, long hours of almost hard labor, many hired specialists and non-standard solutions in the field of landscape design. But the result is worth it!

Almost all elements of the rabbit garden are built by hand, from recycled materials and wood waste. The exception is the main pipe of the labyrinth and a metal fence that protects rabbits from wild foxes. Animals move freely around the garden – Emma designed it so that no one bothers anyone and does not compete for the best corner. They are all the best.


Rabbits look more like humans than dogs or cats, Emma says. They don’t like to do the same thing and often crave fun just to do something new. On the territory of the site, each animal has a personal house and many places for games, and the only thing that is inaccessible to them is a TV in the master’s living room. And that’s only because only two people and three rabbits can sit on the couch at the same time, and the rest will be offended.

They don’t breed rabbits like other farmers, so the standard rules can be ignored. The little animals are allowed to run around the house and they love to chase the hostess, begging for a piece of toast in the morning. In fact, there is no need for a large living space for rabbits, everything built on the site is for the soul. Like humans, rabbits enjoy a walk in the grass and get some fresh air, but they spend most of their time in a comfortable environment.

It takes 15 minutes a day to care for rabbits, half an hour at most. Once every three days, Emma gives them fresh food and refreshes the water in the drinkers, and once a week she cleans the garden. And everything else is games. They regularly add rabbits to their garden from shelters taken from careless owners. And, as a rule, even the most evil or nervous eared, after several sessions of affection and care, begins to trust the person.

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