The dog was found in the middle of the track – it practically did not move. But when she was cut …

No one can say for sure how this “lucky” puppy ended up in the middle of a busy Florida road last Wednesday night. It was evident from his condition that he was well acquainted with the difficulties. His entire body was covered with huge lumps of matted fur, which hinted at the terrible past of the dog. He lay in the middle of the track and practically did not move. Fortunately, the kind man picked up the exhausted dog.

Kari Falla is the owner of a pet beauty salon in Seminole County. When she’s not serving her clients’ dogs, she sacrifices her free time to help stray animals.

When Kari read a post on Facebook, which said that a kind man picked up a dying dog in a terrible state on the road, she knew that he urgently needed help, even if she had to return to the salon at night.

“As soon as I saw the post, I immediately wanted to help this dog. I contacted the person who picked up the dog and asked him to come with this poor fellow to my salon at midnight on the same day. I wanted to clean up my dog ​​for free.

“Indeed, it was the most difficult case that I have ever seen in my life. He smelled of death. He couldn’t go to the toilet for a long time. The ugly crumpled fur was disgusting. Fleas just swarmed on his body, ”recalls Kari Falla.

Nevertheless, the girl got to work. For the next three hours, Falla carefully untangled and trimmed the dog’s fur. Slowly but surely, the poor fellow began to gradually transform.

While the girl was working on the appearance of the dog, he sat quietly, without movement, realizing that they only wanted the best for him. “He seemed to know we were helping him,” says Kari.

This is the amount of wool sheared by the owner of a beauty salon with a stray dog:

And here’s how he began to look:

Then the dog took a bath, probably for the first time in his life. Later, the dog was taken to the veterinarian, who determined that he was blind and deaf. It was impossible to find the former owner of this poor fellow, but despite this, today he is in good hands.

Only two days have passed since the moment when a casual passer-by picked up this dog on the street, but during this time he was transformed beyond recognition. Now the dog is in an animal shelter, where he receives treatment and care. Every day he gets better and begins to love this life.

When the time comes, the lucky one will be ready to go with a foster family to start a new life as a pet.

“I love animals very much. I cannot pass by any stray dog ​​with peace of mind. I will definitely help everyone. The women in my salon share these views with me. We often bring street dogs to the salon with dirty hair, leaves in their ears, and huge mats. A couple of hours of work and sad, depressed animals turn into cheerful, joyful dogs, ”says Kari.

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