The Girl Saved A Feral Cat, Another Cat Ran To Call For Help

One evening, a small stray kitten wandered into the yard of a couple’s home in West Virginia and ran up to the people. “My boyfriend was outside when the kitten ran towards him from the alley next to our house. He meowed loudly, and was very dirty,”

Hanna went outside and saw that the kitten was purring and meowing non-stop. Taking him in her arms and about to return to the house, she heard the patter of small paws from behind.

I turned around and saw another. The kitten was running towards me. I also took him in my arms and carried him into the house. The kittens, they were named Thane and Kira were in very poor condition, with fleas crawling over their tiny bodies. The couple decided to wash them first and get rid of annoying fleas.



After a few baths, they gave the kittens some food and a warm bed. Sister Kira immediately began to eat and began to recover quickly, but her brother was not doing so well. At some point during the night, his condition began to deteriorate sharply, he became very lethargic. Hanna wrapped him in a towel and warmed him up with a heating pad.

She cheered him up and gave him water and sugar to drink. “Every couple of minutes I smeared his gums with sugar syrup. After about 45 minutes, he was already on his feet. Needless to say, I sobbed,”

The next morning, the condition of the kittens continued to improve. They ate well and grew stronger every hour.

“It was a roller coaster, to say the least. At first, I thought that Kira would not survive the night. Then Thane sharply became worse. Now they are both on their feet, eating and behaving like normal kittens.”



Tiny siblings receive 24/7 care in the comfort of a loving home with constant hugs. “Thane liked to drink cat’s milk replacer from a bottle.” Hannah’s dog, Uncle Bruce, also decided to show some attention and care.

“Uncle Bruce keeps a close eye on them, never leaving their side.”

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