The Girl Who Desperately Stopped The Car To Catch Her Cat Jumped From The Car

 The moment the girl stopped the car in the middle of the road when the vehicles were moving very dangerously to save the cat caused controversy, if the car did not brake in time, the consequences were unpredictable.



Recently, an image recorded a dangerous situation that made everyone’s heart flutter and fear because just a little bit of luck is not understood what will happen right in front of the car.

Accordingly, the incident happened at nearly 11 am on the highway. All events have been completed car dash cam recorded.



At this time, the vehicles were moving at a fast speed on the road when the pet cat of the girl suddenly jumped out of her bag and ran into the middle of the road. The girl staggered to a stop and then quickly threw the motorbike in the middle of the road to run to the cat’s surface. Now on the road. Many cars and motorbikes are moving.

After the cat surfaced, the girl still cuddled and petted her as if she was afraid of a cat panicking. The girl even calmly put the cat back in the bag, took the car up, and then continued to go. Because waiting for the girl for too long, the car driver turned the car around.



Fortunately, the girl and the cat were not injured. However, the distance between the young girl’s body and the passenger car next to each other was only a short distance maybe the car driver. Or the people in traffic at that time couldn’t help but shudder when they saw the scene incident and breathed a sigh of relief when there were no tragic accidents.

In addition, many people also voiced reminders that those who carry dogs and cats in the car need to feed the animals pets in cages, and backpacks to avoid the animal suddenly jumping out causing dangerous accidents.



Pets on the street should also put them in their backpacks, cages… but let them jump out if the car needs them accidents, or many times when riding in trouble, avoid this and that car swerving so hard that “I don’t like people carrying cats and dogs without putting them in their backpacks. If it jumps down, the reflex lets go of the steering wheel to capture it. Accidents affect others.”

“If you loved an animal, you would never let it jump out of danger.”

“If you love animals, leave them at home. Transporting to the road must ensure traffic safety. Missing an accident those who are in trouble, they also have families.”

“The safety of yourself and those around you comes first, pull over to the side of the road and then handle it. It’s too dangerous they fall, another car dodge back, generally quite annoying. If you carry it, make sure it’s safe.”

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