The Journey To Revive The Skinny Stray Cat Is Coming To An End: Extraordinary Energy And Intense Love

The arduous journey to find the vitality of a skinny abandoned stray cat who is about to die into a healthy cat. Daily infusion is required continuously little cat named Tex. He had many smelly wounds but he was still full of energy and lucky to meet a kind new owner



Surfing social networks every day, there must be a lot of shared news that attracts your interest. Among those posts, there is information that makes you feel really touched when you know it and want to send a sincere thank you to the “owner”.

The story of the journey of resurrecting a feral, hungry and emaciated cat, almost dying on the side of the road, into a chubby, playful, domestic cat of member K.B in a closed group recently, has been revealed makes the reader really want to say thank you.



The image of the cat before and after meeting K.B makes viewers recognize that the owner is not only kind but also cool. K.B shared his story as follows:

“Every time I put my hand on it and close my eyes, the night that saved it is reminded like it was yesterday”

Still the lines of feeling patchy, pitiful looking at the hungry cat lying waiting to die next to the pub wall mixed with a bit of helplessness when looking at the thin body covered with bones and bones. There was no sign of life left.

So hungry that the skin of the belly sticks to the skin of the back. It was the first time to reach out and touch an adult cat that was so cruelly sick. And the question of primary concern is: Is it viable? To be honest, I felt so hopeless at the time, I don’t know how long it would take to put some meat on its bare skeleton.



0Holding the box that carried him to the tea shop, he asked for some sugar water to feed him, but he raised his dazed eyes to look and then put his head in his trembling arm as if he wanted to say something.

I call it Tex. At first, when my grandmother looked at it, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the “poor starving cat”, but now every time she drags the team to fight, she curses “the fat cat destroys the village neighborhood”.



Day by day, in contrast to the tragic cat of the past, the Tex of today is both hyperactive and tearful. Touched the first time it turned to glare warning, the second time it scratched and didn’t say much.

After all, I have saved a living being, there is always a law of cause and effect in this world, and good people will be rewarded.

K.B’s real name is Kim (born in 1995). Kim said that he was a person who often went to save stray cats on the street, so seeing Tex’s plight, he couldn’t ignore it.

“The first time I brought the baby home and took care of him was very hard, had to receive continuous fluids, his body was full of stench, so he had to shave his hair to treat it,” Kim said.



The cat is as lucky as being born for the second time when it meets the kind owner.

“I’m sharing this story, so Facebook because I want to motivate other friends, who will spend a little of their ability to extend their hands to save fates like Tex. Some babies may or may not live after being saved. But just don’t give up, don’t turn your back when there is still a chance, there are many things called miracles”, Kim said.

The story of the cat Tex once again reminds us a lot of people’s love for animals. What a wonderful revival.

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