The Kitten Was Abandoned By The Mother Cat, The Kind Girl Ran To Save The Poor Kitten

Hearing a loud cry in the garden, the girl rushed out and saw the kitten abandoned by its mother: “Please don’t leave me.”

Maternal love is extremely sacred, but in the case below, I don’t understand why the mother cat abandoned her baby in the garden, causing the kittens to panic and scream miserably.



The characteristics of feral cats are very difficult to understand, some feral cat mothers, when they are raising their children and see humans, will immediately abandon their children or hide them in a secret place, while some Cat mothers keep their babies very close to humans. When someone finds an abandoned kitten, the feral cat mother willingly abandons them and never comes back to find her kittens.

A female police officer adopted such a special feral cat because this kitten was “entrusted” by the feral cat’s mother.

I don’t know what their mother is thinking either, knowing that kittens will squeal very loudly when left alone and this will surely attract human attention but the feral cat mom still holds her baby and hid in the flowerbed in the back garden.



Perhaps at first, the mother cat coaxed the kitten to stop meowing. Until the mother cat left, the kitten did not have time to open its eyes and began to cry very loudly and hurt its ears, perhaps it was very scared because it thought that the mother cat was not next to it anymore.

When the girl found the kitten in the backyard, she met its mother with another kitten, but before she could say anything, the mother cat ran off with the other kitten in her mouth, leaving the other cat behind screaming in the flower pot.



After that, she immediately took the kitten home and left it at the window to wrap the baby in a blanket so that the mother cat could come back and catch her baby. Of course, she also bought some supplies and milk to take care of the kitten while its mother was not around.


But unfortunately, the mother cat never came back again, it seems that she has abandoned her baby, even though the kitten screams continuously when it is brought back as if to say “Please don’t leave me”.



However, after opening his eyes, Sasi was no longer interested in non-moving toys, he became interested in the dog in the house. He just plays with the dog and considers him a real brother.

The policewoman understood that the kitten would be in her care from now on, and from then on she began to spend more time with him, taking good care of him and giving him the name “Sasi”.

The fact that baby Sasi was abandoned by her mother in a flower pot and adopted by a policewoman was the first shock of her life.

She took care of him like her own child, bought a lot of toys, and took care of him little by little. And when Sasi opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was not her mother the policewoman who took me in, who is very familiar with it.



The policewoman did not think that the kitten she saved at the time was her own, even though she spent a lot of time taking care of him. As a result, not only is Sasi now more beautiful but also starting to be a member of the “Cat Family”, she also adopted another cat at home.

Thereby, baby Sasi has had a happy life at home with her loved ones, although she was abandoned at a young age, she has a new life with people who love her. Hope Sasi is always healthy to live a happy life.

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