The Kittens Were Smeared With Ink By Someone, They Were Happy Again When They Were Saved.

These babies were found in such a strange form. Their muzzles and torsos were painted with ink. But now their lives are not in danger. The police rescued the kittens from an abandoned house and took them to an animal shelter.

The employees of the service were very much surprised by what they saw, they had to see a lot, but never like this! The kittens needed to be bathed first, but in order not to cause them more harm, I had to ask the advice of veterinarians and chemical specialists. How to clean ink safely.

The babies are only a month old. They were given unusual nicknames – Smurf and Shrek. The kittens did not resist washing their fur at all. On the contrary, they were very pleased that they were taken care of.


I had to wash them more than once. Then they were given bottles of milk. A day later, their appearance somewhat changed and became healthier. Now they can’t be afraid of ill-wishers. The two furry creatures were happy to finally be safe. Now they live with their saviours, where they know that they are loved and taken care of.

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