The Man Saw A Black Spot In The Snow. He Was Shocked When He Got Closer!

In a heavy blizzard, a delivery worker on a truck noticed a black spot in the middle of a snowdrift. Approaching, he was horrified – in the snow, with the last of his strength, kittens covered with an icy crust were huddled together …

In one of the Canadian cities, local milk delivery man Clyde Compton noticed a strange black spot in the snow, near the road. At first, he thought it was some kind of rag, but when he approached and examined the find, he was shocked.




In the snow sat ice-covered, chilled kittens. Three babies huddled together with their last strength, trying to keep warm. There were no traces around, and therefore the driver assumed that they had been thrown into a snowdrift from the road … The man quickly wrapped the kittens up and took them to his home, 30 kilometers from the place of discovery.



Together with his wife and daughter, they did their best to save little lives. The driver’s family, who already have two cats and dogs – all rescued – later went to the veterinary clinic for further care of the lumps.



“They were covered in ice and snow and huddled together trying to survive,” says Tanya White, a

local animal center volunteer. “They must have been thrown out of the car. This cruelty is beyond comprehension.” Little lives were fortunately saved, but they still had a long recovery period ahead of them.



The hero kittens, a boy and two girls, were named Flury, Shiver and Stormy. The little ones were a little draining, but despite the horror they went through, they are surprisingly playful and active. Only baby Shiver was prescribed antibiotics due to a respiratory infection, but soon the baby got better.



For some time, the kittens lived in foster care with Tanya White, an employee of the center. As soon as they were strong enough, the kids were transferred to a cozy shelter, where they began to look for the most loving – and most responsible – owners for them.

We didn’t have to wait long, the kittens were all taken apart in a week! Now they will no longer have to freeze, they will be warmed by the warmth and love of their new owners!



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