The Man Who Defied The Rain And Floods Successfully Saved The Trapped Cat On The Air Conditioner: I Won’t Give Up Until I Can Save You.

The moment the man waded against the dangerous floodwaters risking his life to rescue the trapped cat touched many people successfully, he would never leave the cat there no matter what.



Recently on Twitter, the account with the nickname Megan Cruz Scavo shared the moment recorded during the recent huge storm that touched many people



Recently, Super Typhoon made landfall in southwestern Florida, USA. IAmidheavy rain, a guy named Mike Ross discovered a cat sitting on the air conditioner outside the neighbor’s house.

29-year-old Mike Ross in the US recounted that in the recent heavy rain, he found a cat sitting on an air conditioner heater, below is a fast-flowing water stream.



He didn’t mind the rain and wind, wading knee-deep in water to get to the cat and bring her into his house. Mike and his girlfriend are taking care of the wound and intend to keep it if the owner cannot be found.



Mike told us that he noticed a very scared orange-white cat, it was around 2 pm when he was staying at his parent’s house to take shelter from the passing storm.

The cat was very scared, but when he saw Mike coming to hug him, he immediately cooperated, maybe he knew Mike was trying to help him.

After successfully saving Mike, he took the hood home so he could be less scared. The clip, after being posted on MXH, received more than 3 million views after only 24 hours, a lot of praise for the young man for being so brave to do it.


“He’s an absolute hero, it’s lucky any girl gets this guy”

“The cat is so lucky, if I don’t save it for a long time, I won’t survive because of the cold”

“Look at me dear, I’m still shaking”

“It’s so warm and human”.


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