The most beautiful species of pigeons in the world

Pigeons, which we see in cities only the tip of a feathered iceberg – there are many beautiful and unusual species of pigeons that you have not seen.
To show you what we mean, we have collected photos of the rarest and most fashionable pigeons that you like. Scroll down, highlight your favorites and let us know which fancy pigeon you like best and why.
Pigeons are just interesting when you start learning more about them. For example, some scientists claim that the common city pigeon (also known as the rock pigeon) may have been the first bird to be domesticated by humans. They are presented as statuettes, mosaics and coins of ancient Mesopotamia, at least from 4500 BC.

1. Pink-Necked Green Pigeon.

2. Brown Frillback Pigeon.

3. Jacobin Pigeons.

4. The Nicobar Pigeon.

5. Bronzewing Pigeon.

6. Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

7. Blue Crowned Pigeon.

8. Spinifex Pigeon.

9. African Green-Pigeon.

10. Indian Fantail.

11. Grey Frillback Pigeon.

12. Red White Roller Pigeon.

13. English Trumpeter Pigeon.

14. Lahore Pigeon.

15. Pied Imperial Pigeon.

16. Ice Pigeon.

17. Brunner Pouter Pigeon.

18. English Short-Faced Tumbler.

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