The most correct ATM self-defense tactics!

If you had to withdraw money from an ATM in the dark, then you probably know how risky it is. And despite the fact that all ATMs are equipped with cameras, and some even have guards on duty, this is far from as effective as what you will see below.

Pictures where dog owners withdraw cash accompanied by their pets are gaining more and more popularity on the network. And despite the fact that some pets do not look evil at all, a thief who dares to encroach on the owner’s property will clearly not be good!

We suggest you familiarize yourself with examples of some photos:

1. Don’t even think about doing it!

2. Security at the ATM

3. I’m watching her!

4. Double protection system

5. Using an ATM at night

6. Self-defense system

7. His job is to observe!

8. A cute guardian is watching you

9. How to use the cash dispenser safely

10. Best ATM Security

11. Security guarantee

12. Your own security

13. The best defense

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