The Mother Cat Had An Accident On The Road But The Kittens Did Not Know That The Mother Was No Longer Alive

The moment made many people unable to hold back their tears, although she did not survive, the mother cat still left the last drops of milk for her children, hoping that the kittens will grow up and be healthy in a new home.



The tragic story of a mother cat who was hit by a car on the road and did not survive.

Next to him was a bewildered kitten that didn’t understand what was happening. The image is G.H by a user who took a photo and shared it on social media last night received thousands of shares



It is known that the house of the mother cat recently, this cat has just given birth to a litter of cubs and is living with the old owner while taking her children out to play, suddenly the car on the road did not notice the collision, causing the accident mother cat died on the spot.

The kitten woke up her mother after a long time, but she still did not wake up, she still thought her mother was still alive and lying there. What’s more pitiful is that he hasn’t weaned yet, so he thought of the mother cat nursing him there



The person who took the photo driving past here couldn’t hold back his tears when he saw the above scene. The girl quickly posted on social networks to share with everyone and very quickly many people asked for an address to pick her up with the rest of the cats if the old owner did not accept.



After a while, the kitten kept rubbing its head against the mother’s mouth, but it did not know that the mother was gone and could not respond as usual or play with it anymore. After that, the girl immediately brought the cat and asked the former owner to consult this person.

She said, if the old owner does not accept, the girl will take the children to the foster home and give him a new home.
The image above has brought many people to tears, motherly love is sacred. Thanks again girl for sharing and the great action above. I hope they grow up to be happy!



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