The Naughty Cat Was Too Free To Tease The Black Crow Because It Pooped All Over The Window In Retaliation, The Owner Was Helpless To Ask For Help From Netizens: It “Pooped” All The Windows Of My House.

Cats are known to be the biggest natural enemies of birds, if they notice that they have feelings for you, they will hunt a bird and bring it home as a reward. But the story about the cat that only eats and sleeps below will make you think differently.



A social media user has posted a funny story on social networks asking for help from netizens to think of a way to help her deaal with a black crow that has been pooping at the window of the girl’s house all day.



“Everyone, help me, it’s not my naughty cat that teases or looks at that crow, but all this week, that crow has come in early in the morning to poop on the window a yard to get revenge on my cat. tease him before. Is there any way to chase him away or tell him to spare my cat, I’m so helpless now.”



According to the girl, the incident happened 2 weeks ago, at her house arguing with a blackbird outside the window.

From that day on, this crow began to keep an eye on the cat in the house, and every day he went to the window to interact with the cat when he saw it in house. Rain or shine, no matter what day it is, always comes to the window to provoke the house.



Every time I open the door, the smell of birds flies all over the room, but if I don’t open the door, it’s very secretive and uncomfortable. Both the cat and the girl are helpless against this black crow

This made the girl very worried and had no choice but to post on social media asking netizens for help, and of course, netizens didn’t let it go and gave the girl some treatment. This lost crow year:



“Perhaps we should move, the bird that is determined to take revenge is the only way to go”

“In my opinion, you should use transparent glass paper. From the outside, you can’t see the inside, you can still see the outside and the light will enter the house normally. Previously, I saw that the boss’s room used to stick it. hey, we can’t see

You can see him inside, but the bosses can still see out.”

“In my opinion, you should hang plastic bags outside the window”

“Apologize to it.”

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