The new challenge tells the whole truth about how much hair can be brushed from a regular dog.

Although dogs, unlike the same sheep, were never bred for the sake of wool, there are real shaggy monsters among them, and this is not surprising. It is much more amazing how much wool mass can be obtained from a normal, not particularly hairy dog! By the way, how much? Dog owners argued, swore, and then decided to test everything in practice – this is how the #sheddingdogchallenge challenge appeared. Each participant tries to comb as much wool as possible at a time and show off his “harvest”.

This kid is a real wool factory

“What a beautiful dog you have!” – few people know what such praise is worth

This robber can still be found. The result is good, but it does not reach the leaders.

Here we tried better, but there is no limit to perfection!

The amount of wool from this good boy is beyond description!

The dog and its wool copy – the material was enough for a full-size version

It would seem, where did he get his wool? And here, admire!

Look how pleased he is that the wool came in handy!

Another fur copy the size of the original

The results of combing out all four. As you can see, the smallest is the most effective.

Now the dog has its own hat, made of its own wool

By the way, not a bad use for a valuable resource

There the name of the doggie is written in wool – Pancake (Pancake)

It feels like he regrets the loss. Nothing, the new one will grow very soon!

The owners of these two were very happy about the challenge – they really know a lot about it!

The dog sleeps on a pillow made of its own wool

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