The owner bought a track collar for her cat, and this simple surveillance revealed the secret routes of her pet

The secret life of pets – is it there? You can be sure of this! Should you leave for work or leave on business, your pets will certainly find something to entertain themselves with.

Ifu McAleer from Ireland was tormented by curiosity for a long time: she wanted to know where her cat named Jagger was walking when she left the house. The girl bought her a collar with a GPS tracker in order to finally find out about the location of her pet in real time.

Ifa never expected to find out that her cat is a big lover of visiting.

It turned out that the neighbors are always happy to see Jagger, and she is not at all averse to stopping by for an additional portion of sweets. During his walk, this cunning cat visits up to 5 neighboring houses, and then, as if nothing had happened, returns to the owner.

And here is the Gulena-Jagger route

The girl published a video with her experiment and the cat’s route in her TikTok. Her video immediately went viral, collecting more than 380 thousand views.

And here is the lover of long walks herself

Ifa McAleer found Jagger on the street 6 years ago. And despite the fact that the pet found a home and a loving mistress, she remained true to her instincts and goes out for a walk every day.

We hope that Ifu will not be alarmed by this fact, because now we know that Jagger has 5 more houses where she can visit whenever she wants.

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