The Owner Just Went To The Market For A Few Minutes, And The “Pet Cat” At Home Fought With The Neighbor’s Cat, The Painful Ending Made Everyone Laugh.

The before and after pictures of the cat’s “life and death battle” made netizens laugh. Warlike is to turn … wounded soldiers.



Cats seem to be an extremely familiar pet of every home, even in Vietnam or abroad, because they are very cute, lovely, and proud of cats.

Recently, on a social networking group for animal lovers, especially pets, there was a post about a belligerent cat that made netizens laugh.

Cats are born aristocratic breeds, you will not be able to help but come across times when your cat is very classy and quite difficult, often licking and grooming in an aristocratic way.

But it’s also not short of naughty times, and sometimes you find it difficult to understand the strange but cute actions.



The person who posted the article said: “Young people are just growing up, practicing being a Gypsy and the end”.

The owner just went out to the market for 5 minutes, but he and the neighbor’s cat climbed on the roof and fought with his face, fell off his leg, so he had to be cast. Doesn’t it look boring?”

Another cat that lives with owners who have a pleasant and cheerful disposition, will be friendly, easy to calm, and less irritable. Below the post is a picture of the “injured” cat in a cast looking guilty!

It can be seen that, before the fight, the cat was taken care of by the lotus quite carefully. The proof is that it looks very healthy and fat. However, seemingly too confident in himself and not knowing his strength, the cat went to tease the neighbor’s cat. And get the bitter ending.



Up to 30-60% of a cat’s personality comes from genetics, the rest is influenced by the surrounding environment, especially their owners.

Both front limbs and neck must be bandaged. The neck is also held in place by a medical device for animals. Before it looked so majestic, but now it looks weak, so much. “Surely the cat’s opponent is also not the right type, beat the cat in tatters!”

This post about a fighting cat that ended up being “injured” quickly caused a storm. The cat looks both guilty and funny. Maybe after this life lesson, my cat will not dare to brag, or arbitrarily tease others. Netizens wished the emperor a speedy recovery.

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