The Owner Said This Cruelly And Made The Cat Cry!

Our hero’s name is Thorne, and this year he turns 13 years old. Thorin started his life as a house cat, like many, but something went wrong.

We will never know how he got into the family – either he was presented, or the owners themselves took him, but for some reason, they quickly abandoned him and gave him to a friend in a private house.



That is, not into the house, of course, but rather into the yard – Thorne lived a completely street life of a fighting cat, guarding the territory from other cats and dogs. Probably, he would have lived his whole life like this if one day, when he was already 10 years old, some dog bit him on the paw.

This was the first dog in 10 years that turned out to be more agile than Thorne … The paw began to fester, and the person in whose yard the cat lived finally noticed it. And then one day he appeared in one of the local veterinary clinics, drunk, practically threw the sick Thorne on the table and said: “Put him to sleep, he is not recovering.”



It turned out that the cat’s paw was bitten to the bone – a strange reason to euthanize an animal. Of course, the vets weren’t going to do that. The cat stayed at the veterinary clinic, where he was well taken care of: his paw was cured, and he was vaccinated. Everything would be fine, but how to attach a 10-year-old cat living in a hospital?



As always, everything was decided by chance. An employee of the Musha shelter came to the clinic to pick up another cat, and the veterinarian told her about Thorne – and that the cat had no prospects.

It was decided to take Thorne to a shelter, where in just a few months this veteran of yard battles found the owners – it’s hard to believe Thorne became the 1943th inhabitant of the Musha shelter, who found a family and a home. Now he lives in a big and loving family!

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