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The owners organized a flash mob and showed how much hair can be combed from their seemingly ordinary dogs.

In addition to the obvious and incredibly cute pluses, dogs also have their drawbacks (although how can you say that to your pets too!). One of them is a huge amount of wool, even if the dog is not particularly fluffy. Moreover, with some dogs, the owners manage to comb almost another dog! To show off the hairiness of their pets, people even had a small #sheddingdogchallenge . They shared pictures of their dogs and the amount of wool they produced.

1. Increased fluffiness

My owner is 31 years old.

2. The coat of some dogs is enough for a second pet

3. Personal cloud of wool

4. Combed over a whole hat

5. The fluffy blanket is ready!

6. “It would be sad if you could never wear black again.”

From a dog named Pancake, it was possible to comb out so much wool that it was enough to put out his name.

7. “Master, this is for you!”

8. There was enough wool for a twin brother

9. Everyone invested a little bit

10. What to do with all this fur? Just have fun

11. “This is not mine”

12. “I don’t know who did it”

13. “Collect the dog yourself”

14.2 dogs = 2 times the coat

Finally, there is a challenge in which we can participate.

15. “Christmas decor? No, it’s animal hair. “

16. Homemade pillow

If this amount of wool makes you feel uncomfortable, then take a look at these 17 photos of washed clothes. After that, you will definitely feel better!