The Poor Cat Owner Is So Cruel, The Woman Panics When She Looks At The Paint Bucket!

A bucket with a meowing inhabitant was accidentally smelled by a shelter dog when one of the employees walked him. The unfortunate cat sat in the cold all night – the animal was deeply injured and will not soon learn to trust people again.

One cold morning, an employee at the Animal Haven shelter in New York came to her shift. She decided to walk one of the shelter dogs and left through the back door. But the first thing the dog was interested in was not a walk, but a strange bucket standing near the door.



The dog immediately felt that someone inside was alive and very frightened. When the worker decided to move the bucket away from the interested dog, she suddenly saw a green cat’s eye looking at her through the hole! The bucket was next to the garbage can, and its occupant was very lucky that the dog sniffed it – the bucket was similar to those used in the shelter for cleaning.

The garbage men would have thrown it out without hesitation. The little tabby was left alone in the bucket all night. An experienced employee immediately brought the cat inside and examined she was about three years old, and she was completely healthy. But the fact that people once treated this cat badly was immediately evident – she was frightened of everything and did not trust anyone.

This is not the first time that animals have been left in boxes or bags at shelters, and for them, this is certainly stressful. But with the advent of cold weather, such methods of getting rid of pets become more dangerous – animals can freeze.

Although the shelter was packed with homeless furries, the cat Sage (Sage, from English – sage) organized a cage in the kitchen for the staff. Employees are trying to win the trust of this beauty, once abandoned by the owners.



And hope that by the New Year there will be a new home for Sage. “You might think that Sage became a cute cat, and everything ended well, but in fact, the animal was deeply traumatized,” says the shelter employee. “Only when she calms down, she will understand that she is loved here and will begin to trust us.”

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