The Poor Cat Was Wrapped In Duct Tape And Left To D𝖎є On A Deserted Street

One evening, Nicole, a volunteer at the Animal Rescue Center, visited the cats being treated at the center. Not far from the building, the image of an aircraft carrier caught her eye. Nicole thinks one of the other volunteers left it on the street.

The girl decided to go into the center and approached the aircraft carrier. However, when Nicole picked it up, she realized that the aircraft carrier was not empty at all. When the volunteer looked inside, everything startled her. There was a cat in the carrier, with its muzzle almost completely covered with duct tape.

With only a small hole in the nose a few millimeters, the cat can suffocate if the tape is not removed. Nicole is very worried and doesn’t know how to help the cat. Removing the bandage without scissors or a knife – hair and muzzle may be affected. Nicole doesn’t have anything to cut the tape.!



So, Nicole called her boyfriend and explained the current situation. Brett rushed to Nicole in a few minutes. When the cat was rescued, it was fed by the couple. Looks like the cat hasn’t been fed for a long time. Nicole and Brett gave the cat the nickname Lucky. And indeed, the cat was very lucky.

Just a little more, if the tape is not removed in time, the cat will die in terrible pain. Unfortunately, no evidence could be found that someone did something cruel to the cat. The cameras in front of the animal shelter failed to capture his face. Only the video is unidentified and only shows a young man driving the SUV the day before and leaving the center.



The veterinarians examined Lucky and concluded that she was completely healthy and could be discharged from the hospital in a few days. Why someone would torture the animal in such a cruel way remains a mystery to the volunteers. Moreover, the man who left the cat in front of the center’s main door has not been found yet.

Lucky is much healthier now, what I have to do is find the person who abused her so terribly to make him pay for what he did to the poor cat!

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