The Sick Cat With Difficulty Breathing Has Undergone An Amazing Transformation After 2 Years!

On February 14, 2020, I came across a sick cat in the park. There is a problem with the skin of the cat’s ears. The cat was very sick, had difficulty breathing, and had a high fever. I check to see if the cat’s body has any other health problems. The cat can attack me, so I keep it around my neck to avoid being bitten by it.

I don’t have a box to put the cat in so I’m going to go buy it and come back with the cat. Sick, scared cat waiting to get to the vet in a box. We have been to the vet and are waiting to be examined. The sick cat is being examined by the doctors and its injuries are!




A few days later, the cat was discharged from the hospital. I’m going to the vet to pick up the cat. This is the home of the feral cats and there is room for them to eat and drink. The cat I rescued went to an area where other feral cats lived and met them for the first time. We don’t know what happened to the cat’s ear skin, but the cat is healthier than when I first found it.

The wild cat was sleeping in the cat house and luckily there was a warm blanket there. Since the feral cat didn’t want to live here, I brought it back to the park where I found it. After 2 years, on February 14, 2022, I met the feral cat that I had previously saved. The cat thanked me and to my surprise, it still remembered me.


The cat’s health is very good, and it is even overweight. For now, I will continue to give him food. Fortunately, these feral cats live right in front of the market, so shoppers always give them food.

Now the cat that was injured is now healthy and I am more assured that these feral cats have become a happy and lovely family!

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