The Stupid Cat “sold” Bananas To The Old Woman, Who Would Have Thought It Would Fall Asleep! Regardless Of Whether There Are Buyers Or Not.

To help her sell bananas, this cat volunteered to stand in front of the store to bait each customer, this helped the store get noticed and it also got money to eat pate.



But unlike the cases of helping the lotus to sell to customers, ordinary people Sellers will have to be careful to avoid crooks coming in to get things, then ignore it, sell it for fun but it must have been because the autumn wind was so cool that I fell asleep when it was not good.



At first, this young man was also quite enthusiastic, after eating, he volunteered to go to the store to say with her to watch the banana shop carefully for her.

Then suddenly remembered that it was almost time to go to bed, what should I do when my stomach was full after eating for hours?



Well, let’s just take a nap, sleep and health are the most important, if a banana dies, it will come back tomorrow that regrow. Well, whoever buys it, buy it, if there’s anything, call your relatives.



This moment made many netizens laugh, it’s true that cats only eat with. If you sleep, and sell bananas like this, you will lose all bananas.

In the past, there have been many cases of selling goods to help owners make people happy. The internet is fun, but it’s very different.



It is a cat named Dog that previously caused a fever at the small market, many buyers must have thought

Surprised because this character sells fish, meat, vegetables, and eggs, … Unlike the cat above, this cat is very hard-working to help owners and guests pass by. Buying is fun, not buying is fun and selling is very conscientious.

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