In early November, a 3-year-old dog named “Dice” was discovered imprisoned in a cage and left in the yard of an abandoned apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A group of alert kids notified the authorities about his dire situation. Tracey Godin, co-founder of Feeling Fine Rescue, shared that the previous occupants who were evicted left the poor dog without any food or water. The kids reported to the police that Dice had been stuck in the cage for at least a week.

Even though Dice didn’t stay with his family for a long period of time, it seems like they may have overlooked him. According to Tracey, he had been malnourished for several months and likely suffered further degradation in the past week.

Tracey and her daughter Micaela planned to bring Dice, their pet, to the vet. They went to the shelter to pick him up before the appointment. Tracey shared that Dice was experiencing difficulty in walking as he kept on stumbling even if they’ve only walked a few feet. During their visit to the vet’s parking lot, Dice collapsed, unable to hold his body’s weight. Tracey had doubts about Dice’s survival at that time.


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