The Woman Was Shocked When She Opened The Trash Bag, Someone Callously Threw These Kittens Into The Trash Bag.

A shocking scene of that day made her doubt, what she saw and heard. What the informant showed us is a cat family in the box, what happened to these lovely folks?

Informant: I heard a loud, cat crying, so I went out to check and I saw they’re in here! A cat crying coming out from the trash bag tied up tightly. Were cats in the bag? Feeling nervous, she loosened the bag’s knot, Oh gosh! There were four live kittens in the bag!

Informant: One of them who didn’t look well in the morning on that day (when they were found) died and only three could survive. One of them died at last due to the lack of air in the bag.

Informant: It’s technically a murder. It must have been suffocating as they couldn’t breathe well inside the bag, and that’s why they cried so hard. They stopped crying after they were taken out. If it was a little bit later, the remaining three could’ve lost their lives.



Then who’s this cat taking care of them?

Informant: She’s not their mom. It’s been 20 days since she came home, her kittens who were not well lost their lives one by one, and the stray cat Ray whom she has been looking after gave birth recently. Unfortunately, all of her kittens passed away. That’s how they could fill the void left by the loss of loved ones, who are their mother for the kittens and the kittens for Ray.

Informant: They never get parted from each other than when eating. Who on earth has done such cruelty to these poor kittens? Perhaps there’s a witness since they were found in the middle of the residential area?

Local: I saw nothing. I’ve seen many stay cats but never saw one giving birth and I have no clue. Someone must have felt bothered to raise them. They would live on their own if the one just left them on the street, so naughty.



While asking around, heard an unexpected story

PD: They’re three kittens.! Local: My acquaintance knows a stray cat whom she’s fed, and she found that the cat’s kittens went missing

PD: Oh? Local She said she’ll come right away. The stray cat who gave birth recently lost her kittens.!

Cat mom: What happened to the kittens? PD: They’re alive

Cat mom: Are they alive? Can I check their color?

Checking the size and the hair color of the rescued kittens

Cat mom: One of them had this pattern

The stray cat she’s been taking care of has dark gray fur, and her kittens looked like her. A lingering question will be dispelled once we find the mother cat who lost her kittens, but she disappeared after her kittens went missing. Upon receiving the reports from the residents who saw the mother cat in the field nearby. Searched everywhere where she would hide, but she wasn’t seen at all



A critical report from the resident

Resident: The district office distributes this type of garbage bag to street sweepers, it’s not on sale in general grocery stores. Compared to white garbage bags for general use, blue garbage bags are for a public purpose, not for sale to general citizens. The color of the bag where the kittens were found was blue! Perhaps a street sweeper put the kittens in the sack into the garbage bag?

Sweeper: I put everything not recycled in here

PD: Didn’t you hear a crying sound?

Sweeper: No, I didn’t PD: Not even when you passed by?

Sweeper: I’d have known if live animals were crying inside here. The texture when touching live animals and food waste is different too. On the day of the incident, the sweeper was on duty, but he didn’t hear a cat crying or find any suspicious garbage bags. The footage from every installed surveillance camera, which had recorded the place where the kittens were abandoned and everything before the informant came to rescue the kittens, might give us the answer!!!

A lady riding a bike stopped by and started collecting discarded papers, leaving no room for doubt, she left. After she left, a man wearing a cap appeared, but then, he took something white out from the basket. He rolled up and almost crumpled the white thing and pushed it hard into the blue garbage bag. He just put it into it… Tying the garbage bag into a dense knot, and going back to the way he came from.

After a minute he disappeared, the informant’s daughter dashed to the garbage bag upon hearing the cat’s crying resonating with the whole village. Then the kittens were found. Only one touched the blue trash bag before they were found The most definite evidence to track down the missing man is.



PD: All we need to find is that bicycle

Store owner: It’s this one! Right, this red one! Found the one which looks most similar to the man’s bicycle, a rectangular stand on the rear wheel and the red frame. The top and down tubes are both narrow, and straight, which go downwards, and another thing. He appeared from the left side of the electricity pole and went back to the way he came, which indicates that he’s most active in this part of the hood. Based on these two clues, the crew began asking around



While searching for the most similar-looking bicycle, found the man passing next to the crew’s vehicle..! His outfit and bicycle look very similar to the ones in the footage! To confirm, they had to meet the man.

PD: The bicycle is pulled over Found the bicycle on the corner of the street. With the white basket, red frame and the rectangular stand. It’s exactly the one in the footage. Time to check! Animal rescue team leader: Excuse me, can I talk to you for a sec? Someone put little kittens in the sack and abandoned it nearby.

Have you heard of it?

No / Not at all?

Don’t think it happened. The man said he was not aware of such incident

PD: We secured the footage of you

His wife: Did you abandon a cat?

He hurriedly left upon hearing that we got the footage of him abandoning the kittens. Soon after…

Man: Anyone would abandon kittens after their cat gives birth to them

The man finally talks about the incident

Man: The mother cat had her kittens in the loads

I was freaked out as she ran to me. So, you did this because you were mad? Man: Any man would abandon them if they were astounded that much. How one can just leave them as they were? He got freaked out because of the mother cat and abandoned the kittens out of anger. So you didn’t care whether they died or not? If you were in my shoes, you would have been angry, wanting to end their lives. Don’t you feel guilty about it? I can’t even catch a rat then, huh?

No humans on earth have a right to kill stray animals, that’s why the law exists to prohibit animal cruelty!!!

Okay, I’m sorry.!



The man left and said everyone would’ve done the same thing as he did. Abandoning kittens in the garbage should be subject to the full penalty of the law to prevent future incidents. Anyone committing animal cruelty, leading to death, or any acts of animal abuse, is sentenced to 2 years in jail, or punishable by a 13.800$ fine according to the Animal Protection Law. Based on the indictment submitted today, the culprit will be punished.

Stray cats might be an uncomfortable being and hatred for some, but no one has a right to impose pain on live creatures and put them to their death. All we hope for them is to meet a good family.

Informant: I’ll do my best to raise them healthily until they find a good family

Informant’s daughter: Hope they become healthy and grow strong. Poor lives are abandoned like trash. We pray such cruelty never happens again

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