These Beautiful Russian Blue Cats Have The Most Mesmerizing Eyes

Have you noticed that lately, beautiful pets are having their own Instagram accounts? Well, these cuties deserve all the attention, after all, these selfless creatures want nothing but love. Like there is a beautiful feline duo, named Xafi and Auri, who has created a sensation on social media sites with their good looks.

These cats are not normal ones because these Russian blue cats have the most stunning eyes in the world. It’s not just their captive eyes that make them look so amazing but it’s also their silky silver coat and mysterious smile.

You can scroll down to see these beautiful cats.

Annaken and Tim, their owners told us that “Auri has a rounder face, wider ears, and a slightly darker coat. Xafi has a more angular face and slightly higher ears. His “meows” are also different, as well as his way of moving and acting. Auri seems more muscular and toned, although both weigh the same: 3.5 kilos”.

“Xafi likes humans and Auri likes his independence. Auri is athletic and Xafi is more clumsy. Xafi is noisy, especially asking for pampering, and Auri asks for it softly and silently. But they are the sweetest and most loving girls I have ever met,” explains Anneken.

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