These Cats Have Extra Jellybeans On Their Paws And We Love Them All

Jellybeans? Toe beans? Paw pads? Whatever you call them, there’s no denying that they are adorable. Cat paws are one of the cutest parts of their furry (or not-furry, in some cases) little bodies. Okay, all parts of a cat body are cute–except maybe the butt.

All cats are cute and all cats are unique. Some cats have more than the regular amount of toes. Cats who have extra toes are called polydactyls. Let me tell you, if anything, it makes them even cuter! Looking at regular cat paws is one of the greatest joys in life, so here, check out these extra special paws. Never mind “whiskers on kittens,” cat paws are where it is really at!

You know what they say about a cat with big paws?

Big paw prints all over the floor.

Sliding into your DMs like…


This cat is a superhero and it will save the world with these extra toes!

Look at them all!

It makes them look more human?

I just wanna hold one

Tiny kitten with giant paws

“What are you looking at?”

I just want to give it a high-five!!!

This cat practically has a whole extra paw at the end of its leg!

This is what the void looks like and it has extra toes!

Pretty eyes, pretty feet!


This cat could give an excellent “thumbs up!”

Long socks for big paws!

They’re so soft

What a talented young fella!


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