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These Dog BFFs Kept Constantly “Digging A Tunnel To Each Other”

When Hailee Graham first got her dog, she posted a very excited Instagram post, referencing popular Christmas films The Grinch and Elf. “Potate ‘Tate’ Graham, you made my grinch heart grow 3 sizes this week,” she wrote. “I’m in puppy love, and I don’t care who knows it.” However, another dog and a tunnel attempt would soon leave her scratching her head for solutions.

Tate was a rescued stray who they kindly gave a home to. However, at the same time, their neighbors brought home a puppy, too. But, neither family guessed that Vernon and Tate would get along so well and become instant BFFs.

“They love being together!” Hailee said. “I don’t know if they are actually in love, but I like to think so. I walk outside and catch them digging a tunnel to each other. We couldn’t get them to stop. We couldn’t keep them apart. They would just keep digging holes to each other,” Hailee said. The tunnel attempts were affecting both owners’ gardens, so they had to come up with a solution.

This was ruining both gardens, but the families couldn’t bear to see these doggy BFFs apart. So, Hailee came up with a great solution. “I thought, ‘Why not just put a door in the fence, so they can play whenever, and their humans don’t have to get involved?’” she said.

Her neighbor agreed that this would be a great idea, and now Vernon and Tate are never apart! they eat together, play together, go on walks together, everything!

“I hope that it encourages people to be more friendly with their neighbors, and encourage a sense of community. It has worked out well for us so far,” said Hailee. It’s always nice to be friendly with your neighbors, and knowing they’ve got your back.

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